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FAQ - General information and frequently asked questions to wjmpaintings.

Q: Did you photoshop or enhance on other ways the photos of the pictures shown on this website?
A:  No, we did not improve ('shop') the photos on this site. Sometimes the picture taken was a little off, so we 'turned' the picture a little, that's all we've done.
Therefore sometimes the not optimal lightning of the painting or the little 'trapezium' shape of the painting (an error in photographing the painting).

Q: Does wjmpaintings also deliver / send paintings with frames?
A:  No we don't. What we hear from our customers is that a frame has to be personal taste so it is better to find a frame locally.

Q: Do you have information about the empty canvas used?
A:  The blank canvas cloth used are primed triple and are stretched on a light wooden frame.
e.g. a blank canvas of 60 x 80 cm weighs (unpainted) around 300 grams / 10.6 ounces US.
Ofcourse the canvas gets a little heavier after painting because of the paint.

Q: What paint is used?
A:  The paintings are painted with acrylic paint only.

Q: What means P&P?
A:  P&P means the costs for Packing and Postage (delivery).
We ship worldwide, costs of P&P for the buyer.

Q: I want to buy a reproduction or litho from a painting.
A:  No lithos, prints or other reproductions are made by us of these paintings, so every painting is truly unique. So upon buying a painting, the buyer is assured that the painting is not reproduced by us.

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